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Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2018

Lisa Marie Presley net worth 2018 forbes


Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2018

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth is -$16 Million.Lisa Marie Presley is a famous American Singer.She is also a songwriter.The main Reason for Lisa Marie Net Worth is Negative is She filed a lawsuit towards her Business manager who allegedly squandered $100 million of her fortune.

  • Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2018 Forbes: -$18 Million

  • Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2017 Forbes: -$16 Million

  • Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2016: Unknown

Lisa Marie Presley Wiki

  • Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth 2018-
    -$16 Million
  • Full Name-
    Lisa Marie Presley
  • Date of Birth-
    February 1, 1968
  • Lisa Marie Presley age 
    50 years old
  • Height-
    5 Ft 3 Inch
  • Weight-
    54 Kg
  • Birth Place-
    Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
  • Nationality-
  • Marital Status
  • Profession-
  • Source of Wealth-
  • Education-
  • Ethnicity
  • Lisa Marie Presley Husband/Spouse-
  1. Danny Keough
    (Married: 1988, Divorce:1994 )
  2. Michael Jackson
    (Married: 1994, Divorce: 1996   )
  3. Nicolas Cage
    (Married: 2002, Divorce: 2004 )
  4. Michael Lockwood
    (Married: 2006, Separated: 2016)

Lisa Marie Presley Biography/Bio

 Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth:

Lisa Marie Presley is a famous American Singer and Song Writer.Lisa Marie Presley is the one and only child of Famous Business Magnet Priscilla Presley and Actor Elvis Presley.After selling her father estate, Lisa Marie Presley built a good career in Music Business.After then Lisa Marie Published three album.In her personal life, Lisa Marie Presley married Four times.In The first time, Lisa Marie married with Danny Keough in 1988.After Divorce Lisa Marie Married with singer Michael Jackson in 1994 and then she married with Nicolas Cage.After her again divorced, Lisa Marie Presley married with producer Michael Lockwood in 2006, who is the father of her two daughters.In present Lisa Marie Presley, Net Worth is -$16 Million.

Lisa Marie was born on 1st February, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.After nine months of Lisa’s birth, her parents’ wedding in 1st May 1967.Though they divorced later, and she reared to her mother. When Lisa Presley’s father has died in 1977, then her mother again joint-heir to his state with her grandmother Minnie Mae Presley and Grandfather Vernon Presley.When Lisa Presley was 25 years old in 1993, She inherited the estate.Lisa’s father estate was grown to an estimated value of $100 Million, though Lisa Presley Sold 75% of the estate according to the Report.

Why is Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth Negative?

Lisa Marie Presley filed a lawsuit towards her Business manager.Because Lisa’s Business manager allegedly squandered $100 Million of her father estate.This Lawsuit reported that Lisa Marie’s business Manager wasted her money during 10 years, and on an English estate he had spent $9 Million without saying her.Not only Lisa’s Business manager did not pay the tax of five years.Lisa also claimed that her worth should be $100 Million, but worth was $1400 and $50,000 in credit card debt.But, according to her business Manager, Lisa Marie Presley spent ownself into debt and also said that her extreme spending Havit put her estate in $20 Million.

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Social Media Profiles

Official Website: Lisa Marie

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